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Marriage registration is the first step towards getting married in India. It is a necessary procedure if you want to get your marriage certificate. The marriage registration process can be done online through VakilG. 

We can help you with all the paperwork and documentation required for the marriage registration process. We will also guide you through the entire process so that you can get your marriage certificate without any hassle. Contact us today to get started!

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Marriage Registration in India

In India, marriage registration is compulsory in order to protect women’s rights. Couples can register their marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 or the Special Marriage Act 1954. There are also other Acts that govern marriage registration for Christian, Parsi, and Arya Samaj marriages.

Registration of marriage is important not just as proof of marriage but also to safeguard the rights of women. In case of any disputes or problems arising from the marriage, registration provides legal protection for both spouses. It also helps prevent bigamy and child marriage, and ensures that couples are legally married according to the law.

Couples planning to get married in India should therefore make sure to register their marriage according to the relevant Act. This will ensure that their marriage is legal and protected under the law.

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Benefits of Marriage Registration in India

  • The best way to provide legal proof of marriage.
  • In case of any dispute, registration provides legal protection to both spouses.
  • Helps prevent bigamy and child marriage.
  • Ensures that couples are legally married according to the law.
  • Helps protect the rights of women in case of marriage disputes.
  • Registration makes it easier to get a divorce if the marriage breaks down.
  • Necessary for availing benefits such as pension, insurance, etc.
  • Helpful in getting visas for foreign travel.
  • Required for changing the name after marriage in documents like passport, PAN card, etc.
  • Helpful in applying for a marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriages.

Documents Required for Marriage Registration

  • Proof of marriage – marriage invitation card, photographs, etc.
  • Proof of date of birth – 10th Certificate or Birth Certificate of both husband and wife.
  • 2 passport size photographs each of the husband and wife.
  • Separate marriage affidavits in the prescribed format from both husband and wife.
  • Address Proof – Aadhaar card/ Voter ID or Passport
  • Any other relevant documents as may be required by the Registrar of Marriages.

Process of Marriage Registration:

  • Connect with our Marriage Registration Specialist by calling us or filling out the form on our website.
  • Submit the required documents and information to us.
  • After verifying the documents, we will prepare the file.
  • Once you have verified the documents, we will then file the marriage registration application on your behalf and take a date for the appearance.
  • On the day of appearance, all four persons (Husband, Wife and 2 Witnesses) need to submit the file in Registrar of Marriages office.
  • After the appearance, your marriage registration certificate will be issued online within 21 days.

Why VakilG to Register your Marriage?

At VakilG, we understand the importance of marriage registration and the process involved. We have a team of experienced marriage registration lawyers who can help you with the entire process, from filing the application to getting the marriage certificate. We can also help you with other marriage-related matters such as mutual consent divorce, name change, marriage certificate, etc.

So, if you are looking for professional and hassle-free marriage registration services, look no further than VakilG!

FAQs on Marriage Registration in India?

1. How do I get a copy of the marriage certificate?

You can get a copy of marriage certificate from the concerned marriage officer or registrar in the state where the marriage took place. In some cases, you may also be able to obtain it from the office of the sub-divisional magistrate or the municipal corporation.

2. Is marriage registration mandatory in India?

Yes, marriage registration is mandatory in India. It is a legal requirement under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

3. Do I need to visit the marriage registrar office?

Yes, you will need to visit the marriage registrar office in order to register your marriage.

4. What is the validity of the marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is valid for life.

5. What are the documents required for marriage registration in India?

The following documents are required for marriage registration in India: application form, residence proof of both spouses, marriage invitation, marriage photos, wedding cards, birth certificates of both spouses, identity proof of both spouses.

6. If the husband and wife are of different religions what precautions need to be taken care of?

If the husband and wife are of different religions, they need to take care of the following precautions:

  • They should be legally permitted to marry under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
  • They should get their marriage registered under this Act.
  • A marriage certificate issued by a religious institution will not be considered as valid proof of marriage

7. Is there a late fee if we don’t register our marriage for years after the wedding date?

Yes, there is a late fee if you don’t register your marriage within the stipulated time period. The late fee may vary from state to state.

8. What are the consequences of not registering marriage?

The consequences of not registering marriage can be both legal and social. The legal consequences include nullity of marriage and loss of certain legal rights and privileges. The social consequences may include social stigma and ostracism.

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